Natural First Aid & Oral Hygiene with Oil of Oregano
Used for thousands of years, oregano oil has been “rediscovered”. Recognized as one of the most powerful and useful natural remedies, studies prove oregano oil to be an effective treatment against a variety of disease-causing organisms. A powerful antioxidant & anti- inflammatory1, oregano oil is a non-toxic and healthy dietary supplement that can help support your pet’s defence systems both inside and out.

Support for Infection & Infestation
Viral, fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections are not only uncomfortable for your pets but pose real threats to their well-being. Infections in healthy young animals usually trigger an immune response, which can fight off infection. Oral and topical First Aid support and prevention plans are always best to ensure your pet's health and safety.2 Oil of Oregano has 
no known contra-indications or adverse drug interactions. It has been successfully used alone and in combination with conventional treatments.3

Oil of Oregano Impresses Scientists
British scientists have confirmed that Oil of Oregano may be the best defence against even the toughest bacteria, including MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Streptococcus Aureus). They found that Oil of Oregano was
better at eliminating microbes than 18 pharmaceutical drugs.4
How does Oil of Oregano work?
The Oregano plant produces its own special compounds to defend itself in nature from fungal, bacterial, viral, parasitic and pest infections. When oregano oil is given orally or topically to pets or humans these same compounds go to work defending us - both inside and out!

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